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Smile Confidently With Invisalign

If you were to Google a series of random stock images of happy, confident and carefree people, chances are that they would all have invisalignone thing in common: a big, bright smile. In fact, studies have found that bad teeth tend to be the biggest source of embarrassment and insecurity for most American adults. Although beauty is relative, and standards for what constitutes an attractive smile can vary, most people agree that straight, evenly shaped teeth are the cosmetic ideal.

But when it comes to getting straighter teeth, the cure can be worse than the problem, especially for adults, who can be understandably opposed to the idea of wearing metallic braces for two years. Invisalign clear aligner trays offer the perfect solution for an age old dental conundrum: how to get straighter teeth, without the braces. Dr. Joseph Worthing and Dr. Brijesh Chandwani, dentists at Worthington Advanced Dentistry in Fairfield, CT, recommend Invisalign for a discreet, non-invasive and comfortable alternative to traditional braces.

Get Straighter Teeth with Invisalign in Fairfield, CT

The Invisalign system consists of custom designed clear plastic trays that gradually shift the teeth into alignment. Because they are removable and can be taken out for up to two hours a day, Invisalign users can keep up a normal oral hygiene routine and diet. The treatment period can also be shorter by several months with Invisalign than with braces.

Who is a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Adults and older teenagers with common orthodontic problems like crowding, spacing, overbites, underbites and crossbites are typically good candidates for Invisalign. In order for treatment with Invisalign to be successful, you must be able to commit to wearing the trays for the required amount of time everyday, and keep follow-up appointments with the dentist.

Contact a Dentist in Fairfield, CT

Invisalign clear aligner trays make it easier to get straighter, healthier teeth than ever before. If you are looking for an alternative to metal braces, contact Worthington Advanced Dentistry by calling (203) 256-8073 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Worthington or Dr. Chandwani at Worthington Advanced Dentistry today!

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