Dental Implants

Restore your Smile with Dental Implants in Fairfield & Westport CT!

Whether from an old sports injury or a highly decayed tooth that required extraction, a missing tooth keeps your smile and you from looking your best. If you desire a permanent, highly secure tooth replacement option, you may wish to consider a dental implant. Fairfield and Westport dentist Dr. Joseph Worthington has performed both the surgical and restorative phases of implant dentistry for Nearly 40 years, helping restore his patients' smiles.
Dental Implants in Fairfield, CT

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants aim to re-create your tooth's natural structures. They consist of three parts:

  • an Implant body that replaces the tooth root
  • a custom fabricated abutment that is fitted to the Implant body so the permanent crown can be attached
  • a custom fabricated Porcelain crown that fits over the custom abutment and looks exactly like your adjacent teeth

Dr. Worthington offers these amazing dental implants in a variety of sizes and can replace a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, or even a full upper and/or lower set of teeth.

How Do I Know If I Am a Candidate for a Dental Implant?

The overall success rate nationwide for dental implants is about 95 percent. Patient selection is vital to ensuring that a dental implant procedure will be a success. When Dr. Worthington evaluates you at his Fairfield dental practice, he will look at where the tooth is that needs replacing, an x-ray of the area and possibly an imaging scan to determine how much jawbone you have to successfully place the implant.

Imagine a dental implant like putting in a screw on a wall to hang a picture. You must be able to have enough wall support -- such as finding a wall stud -- for the screw to be properly anchored.

However, if you have been told you were not a candidate for a dental implant in the past, it may be time to visit Worthington Dentistry. Dr. Worthington offers a variety of dental implant sizes, including implants that have a narrow platform for inserting into the jawbone. Because of our extensive experience placing and restoring dental implants, contact us if you’ve ever been told you weren’t a good candidate for dental implants.

How Long Does It Take to Place a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are often a multi-step process. When the actual implant is placed into your jawbone using conventional techniques, you must have time for the bone to grow up to and fuse to the implant. This process is known as integration. This will take about 4 months to fully heal. Once the implant is fully integrated a custom abutment is fabricated and a beautiful implant crown is fabricated while you wait with our amazing Cerec technology.

Dental Implant in Jaw

At Worthington Dentistry, many of our implant surgical placements are so hight tech that often there is no need for any stiches at all. If you contact us for a dental implant consultation, we would be happy to discuss all of the amazing possibilities offered exclusively by Dr. Worthington at our Fairfield implant dentistry office.

How Will a Dental Implant Benefit Me?

Dental implant is the only permanent, long-lasting solution to a missing tooth or teeth. Other options are removable dentures or a bridge that involves placing crowns on your surrounding healthy teeth. While these restorations may replace your tooth in appearance, they do not help to maintain your jawbone structure as dental implants do.

Another way Dental Implants can be useful is in stabilizing dentures. Anyone who has a denture can attest to the fact that eating is just “no fun”. Often dental implants can be placed in the jaw bone under dentures so that the denture can be “snapped” on to the implants making them infinitely more secure. That means the denture comes out only when you choose to remove it!

Ready to find out if a dental implant is for you? Call Worthington Advanced Dentistry at (203) 256-8073 to schedule your complimentary dental implant consultation.

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