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A Full Mouth Reconstruction is a planned cluster or series of dental procedures designed to establish you with excellent dental health. If you feel that your smile is less attractive than it could or should be, and are wondering where to start with correcting it, Dr. Worthington can give you a complimentary consultation to discuss the options.

Each full mouth reconstruction (also called a full mouth restoration) is individual and begins with a thorough dental examination. Dr. Worthington would take X-rays and digital photographs, do an oral cancer screening, and check for any gum disease. He would give you a full diagnosis of your dental health and recommend procedures to improve it.

Connecticut Dentist, Dr. Worthington is a cosmetic dentistry expert as well as a reconstructive dentist and would plan your full mouth restoration with your smile’s attractiveness in mind.

Problems Addressed by a Full Mouth Restoration
Your full mouth reconstruction can correct dental problems such as:

  • A misaligned bite, which may be accompanied by headaches, facial pain, teeth grinding and many other troublesome symptoms
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Gum disease, either the early stage (gingivitis) or later stage (periodontitis)
  • Old metal fillings that are starting to fracture teeth or come loose

The dental problems addressed may be long-standing or recent. They may have been caused by neglect of daily dental hygiene or by an injury or trauma. There may be multiple problems. Some may be primary and others may be secondary to the primary problems.

An example of that would be misaligned teeth caused by missing teeth. When a tooth gap is left for long enough, the remaining teeth will drift to fill it. But this can be corrected.

Possible Elements of Your Full Mouth Restoration
There may be multiple procedures and Dr. Worthington may determine that some should be performed before others. He would explain why and together you would fix on a sequence and timeframe, and we would help you plan how best to cover the cost.

Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots positioned in the jawbone to support new teeth. Each one can anchor more than one tooth and with four implants you can have an entire arch of new white teeth.

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces for straightening and re-aligning all the teeth. It features a series of clear aligners like tooth whitening trays. Each aligner fits snugly over your teeth and exerts planned pressures on certain teeth. When you have completed the series, your teeth will be straight and even and your bite far improved.

Porcelain Bridges are an excellent way to replace one or more missing teeth. No metal is needed, and the porcelain replacement teeth will be exactly matched to your natural teeth or you can choose to brighten your smile with a lighter shade..

Porcelain Fillings can replace all your old metal fillings. They will be invisible as fillings because they will blend in with the natural tooth enamel. Rather than weakening the teeth, they will strengthen them and prolong their life.

Cosmetic Aspects of Your Full Mouth Restoration
Dr. Worthington approaches dentistry with the knowledge and orientation of a cosmetic dentist. That means that rather than just fixing a dental problem for health’s sake alone, he will correct it in a way that looks attractive and enhances your smile and entire facial appearance.

An appealing smile must first be a healthy one, and after your full mouth restoration, your smile will be both. Dr. Worthington will address both health and beauty in an entirely customized way for your particular dental needs.

To learn more about how your dental health and attractiveness can be improved, please call or email our reconstructive dentistry office today for a free consultation with our experienced dentist. Please call us if you are in the New Canaan, Darien, Westport, or Fairfield, Connecticut areas.

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